Attracted Attention with Twitter’s New Video Feature

Twitter, which has millions of users from all segments of society, from statesmen to sports, arts and politics, is an important channel frequently used by those who want to follow the current agenda closely. Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is known for its “text-oriented” feature. However, recent changes implemented on Twitter have brought this aspect into question. When Twitter activated a new menu regarding video sharing, “I wonder if YouTube has its eye on it?” The question started to be asked.

What Opportunities Does Twitter Offer?

Twitter web designer and user Andrea Conwat presented the new menu mentioned in her profile to the attention of her followers. At first glance, it is possible to say that the menu was prepared with a professional perspective. Every detail such as playback speed, playback quality, subtitles has been taken into consideration in its design. The menu provides the convenience of downloading a video you watch to your device. This intriguing defeat of Twitter brought various questions to mind.

Vertical Videos Can Be Uploaded

Why would Twitter, whose basic logic is built on “text sharing”, feel the need to add a video menu to its setup? Yes, naturally everyone asks this question. For now, this question remains unanswered. However, serious video updates made on the platform for a while have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to its new feature, Twitter initially offers users the opportunity to upload full-screen “vertical videos”. It is possible to make minor edits on these videos, which remind me of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Update to Blue Users

After the vertical video improvement, the platform also made a special update for Blue users. This innovation was received positively by Blue subscriber users. With the help of this update, users can upload videos up to two hours long to the platform.

Stage Media

Stage Media

23-06-2023 17:39:19

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