Facebook’s New Brand Name: META

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, which is still one of the Social Media platforms with the most users even though it has lost its popularity, is part of Facebook Inc., which also includes Instagram and WhatsApp. announced that they will change the name of their umbrella organization and the new name of their brand will be META.

Making a statement at Facebook’s livestreamed conference on “Virtual and Augmented Reality”, Zuckerberg announced that the new brand name of the umbrella organizations, which include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other applications, will be Meta.

Stating that they chose the name Meta because it reflects their goal of creating a virtual sharing space, that is, Metaverse, Zuckerberg also gave the good news that over time, the obligation to be a Facebook user to use other services will disappear. Zuckerberg, who shared his predictions about the future with the world, defined this development as the ‘next stage of social connection’.

Facebook Cannot Represent Everything

So why did Mark Zuckerberg, who emphasizes at every opportunity that he is very proud of what his company has built so far, feel the need for this name change?

Considering that the name Facebook is the name of a single product of the company, it is no longer possible for it to represent all the projects of the company, Zuckerberg expressed his excitement as follows: “We are really proud of what we have done so far. However, we are preparing to go beyond what is possible today and step into a new future where people can come together and produce new things behind screens, distances and physical boundaries.”

Stating that this new future is a future that will be built by all of us, independent of a company, Zuckerberg thinks that the name Facebook does not represent all the services of the company even now, and that this is not possible in the future. Will Zuckergerb’s vision, which hopes to be known as a Metaverse company over time, come true? Will Facebook or its new name Meta company be able to determine the future of social media? What awaits us in the Metaverse universe? For all of this and more, Sahne Medya is your closest solution partner in social media ads, SEO compatible content production, digital marketing, e-commerce and web design. blog page Don’t forget to follow.

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01-11-2021 12:20:12

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