Here are the New Features Coming to Instagram

Social networking application Instagram continues its efforts to make messaging through the application more effective. For this purpose, Instagram, which recently announced its new features, has launched features such as quick replies, group polls and 30-second song previews to improve DMs. Digital Advertising Agency Sahne Medya compiled it for you…

Here are the new features coming to Instagram:

Quick Replies: When someone sends you a DM while you’re browsing Instagram, you can no longer go to the message area. Because it has become possible to reply to the message by scrolling down on the notification you receive while browsing. This feature, which currently only supports text responses, does not include responses with photos and videos. To respond with media, go to Inbox.

DM Shortcuts: You will now be able to message your friends more quickly. To do this, when you press and hold the share button on a post, a window will open showing some of your most popular friends. When you tap on your friend’s window, your message will be sent to your friend’s Inbox.

Online Status Bar: You will now be able to see your online friends in the Inbox as well. This way, you will be able to reply to your friends at the most convenient time.

Song Previews: You will now be able to send a 30-second song preview to your friend via DM. This way, you will be able to share music with your friends in a more practical way.

Lo-fi Chat Theme: Lo-fi has emerged as a new chat theme for DMs. You will be able to have a more comfortable chat by using this theme.

Group Polls: Instagram has also introduced a poll feature to group DMs. Thus, when you are curious about your friends’ opinions on a subject, you will be able to find out their attitudes by opening a survey.

Stage Media

Stage Media

04-04-2022 12:06:16

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