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Linkedin, the social media channel for those in professional business life, is preparing to introduce a new feature to its users: Competitors. Linkedin aims to contribute to the user experience with the Competitors feature it developed to bring lagging small companies to a better point in social media. This feature, whose working logic is to compare companies’ pages with other companies in the same sector and give advice on what small-scale businesses can do, was welcomed with excitement. Here are the details of the news prepared for you by your digital business partner Sahne Medya.

Linkedin, which we can define as the most used professional business social media in the world, has come to the fore with a new feature that seems to be useful for individual users and businesses. Thanks to the Competitors feature, companies will be able to compare themselves with other businesses they compete with, analyze what they do differently when necessary, and get ideas to eliminate their shortcomings.

The first criterion of the Competitors feature is page quality. The system, which analyzes how the page is managed, the status of followers, interactions and shares, will also give clues on how the page should be managed.

This Is What Linkedin’s New Competitors Feature Looks Like

Social media experts are of the opinion that Linkedin, which has recently come to the fore with the theft of personal data, can create a new and effective wind in the business world with this new feature. It seems that the competitive environment created by the Competitors feature, which is expected to help people and institutions who are good at their jobs to be discovered and reach better positions, may transcend the digital world and spread to real life in the near future.

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25-09-2021 12:00:40

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