The Most Popular Social Media Platforms Have Been Announced! Internet technology between countries .. detailed information

Internet technology has removed communication boundaries between countries. Social media platforms are among the digital environments that people use to communicate. Social media platforms, whose number has increased with the development of technology, have now become a part of life. Millions of people around the world, from all ages, use social media platforms. This process, which started in 1997 with SixDegrees, known as the first social media platform, continues today with channels such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook Rules the Market

StatCounter, which prepares technology-related reports, focused on social media platforms. Facebook came first in the research, which evaluated the number of users and market shares as of July 2023. Here are the popular social media platforms that stand out in light of the data…

According to statistics shared by StatCounter; Facebook seems to be the leader of the social media market with a share of 63.93 percent in terms of the number of users worldwide. Instagram follows Facebook with a usage rate of 13.91 percent.

Here are the remarkable data

The usage rates of the most popular social media platforms worldwide are as follows: Facebook (63.93%), Instagram (13.91%), Twitter (12.18%), Pinterest (4.74%), YouTube (3.98%), Reddit (0.46%), LinkedIn (0.43%), Other Platforms (0.37%).

Appears to be Leading in Turkey as well

StatCounter also shared figures specific to Turkey. In Turkey, the social media platform Facebook stood out with a usage rate of 38.34 percent. Instagram, which dominates 31.12 percent of the market, ranked second. In the research, the most used social media platforms in Turkey were listed as follows: Facebook (38.34%), Instagram (31.12%), YouTube (13.68%), Twitter (11.64), Pinterest (3.46), LinkedIn (0.73%), Tumblr (0.67). ), Other Platforms (0.37%).

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21-07-2023 17:32:04

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