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WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application with billions of users, protects the privacy of messages using end-to-end encryption. However, today, due to sensitivities regarding the privacy and security of private life, users may worry about their messages being seen by other people. Although the necessary security measures are taken in this regard, users are looking for solutions through various methods such as ‘locking’ the application. It is possible to use the application more safely with some tips to follow on WhatsApp, which includes features such as text messages, voice messages, video calls, file sharing and location sharing.

Privacy of Private Conversations is Important

Private conversations between users form the basis of secure communication. There may always be a risk of malicious people intercepting messages. It is possible for these people to receive messages from a stolen or lost phone. Data can be captured through cyber or Wi-Fi network attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to be more meticulous about confidentiality measures. In order to minimize these risks, it is beneficial to use the ‘privacy features and security options’ offered by the application consciously and correctly. The security of private conversations can be increased by activating the screen lock and fingerprint app lock features.

Additional Security Measures to the Application

In line with the ever-increasing expectations of users regarding ‘privacy’, additional security measures are becoming more inevitable. That’s why WhatsApp recommends people to ‘encrypt’ their media content as a priority to protect it. The encryption feature should definitely not be neglected. Thus, people’s messages, photos, videos and similar files can be prevented from being viewed by others. Options such as application lock, biometric identification and screen lock for Android and iOS users can be taken into account in the encryption process in WhatsApp, which is a simple method that anyone can do. Thanks to these measures, you can make your application more secure against possible data leaks.

A Very Simple Process

Encryption can be done on an Android device using two different methods. In the first of these, encryption with ‘fingerprint’; Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of WhatsApp and click on the ‘privacy’ section in the ‘account’ option in the ‘settings’ section. Then verify by touching the ‘fingerprint lock’ at the bottom. After this preference, you must enter the ‘fingerprint’ every time you want to use the application. You can also set a password on WhatsApp with ‘locking applications’ that you download to your phone. For this, you can increase your security with applications such as application locker, applock or hexlock.

Password Protection Can Be Added to Numbers

If necessary, users can maximize their privacy by adding ‘password protection’ for some phone numbers. Thanks to this feature, it is sufficient to pre-define the numbers you specify. This way, it can be ensured that only those who know the password can contact these numbers. You can try this feature when you are using some special tricks in your life or planning to provide special protection to your children. To activate password protection for ‘specific numbers’ in the application, the ‘password protected users’ alternative should be selected in the ‘privacy settings’ section. In this section, add the numbers you want to encrypt in the first step. Then set a password and ensure that only those who know the password can communicate with these numbers. This feature will make your job easier when you need to share your personal information in a group.

Protection with App Lock

‘Privacy’ is one of the essential rules for people using WhatsApp. For this reason, all applications can be made more secure with an ‘application lock’ added to the system. With the help of this feature, you can prevent unauthorized use of your data in the application when you share your phone. There are rules you should pay attention to in order to increase the security of your messages on WhatsApp. For example; You can secure media contents thanks to WhatsApp ‘fingerprint lock’. On the other hand, a password can be placed on WhatsApp on iOS devices. Other features in the application can also be locked with ‘screen lock’ support. WhatsApp users can easily use the application by taking into account these recommendations on ‘security and privacy’.

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10-05-2023 15:58:25

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