Twitter Offers New Feature to Users

Twitter, which focuses on communication and idea sharing within social media platforms, is preparing to offer a new feature to its users. This innovation, which will allow Twitter users to send mass messages to up to 20 users at the same time, is expected to be activated within a few weeks. The details of the news prepared for you by the editors of Sahne Medya, your brand's closest solution partner in SEO, Social Media Advertisements and Account Management, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, are as follows…

Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that has managed to maintain its popularity despite the passing of many years, and it is preparing to introduce new features that will interest mostly mobile version users in the near future. According to the statements made by Twitter Support, several features that users have been waiting for a long time are among these innovations.

The most interesting innovation among the innovations is that sending bulk messages will become easier. Historically, Twitter has not allowed sending mass messages, and every time we tried to do so, it would automatically open a chat group. However, this problem, which can sometimes be annoying for users, will soon remain an old memory for Android and iOS users.

What Does Twitter's Multiple Direct Message Feature Look Like?


Another messaging feature developed by Twitter for mobile devices is to introduce fast scroll buttons for scrolling messages. Thanks to this button, we will be able to access the chat screen with a user by touching the last message once. It is also possible to react with emojis by pressing and holding the message for a while, but for now it is only for those using iOS devices.

Another innovation that only iOS users can benefit from is the ability to filter the messages page. Thanks to this filtering, we will be able to see our messages grouped according to their dates, and finding a message we are looking for will become easier than ever before.

It remains unknown when these two innovations will be activated for Android users. It is possible to reach your target audience on Twitter and double your earnings while increasing your brand awareness. If you want to reach your target audience with Twitter ads, Sahne Medya with our expert staff in social media ads and digital marketing. Twitter Ads Do not be late to meet the service.

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20-08-2021 14:22:30

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