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Although the social media application Instagram, which has increased its popularity exponentially in recent years, is generally used on smartphones, there are still people who use it on desktop. Instagram managers gave the good news of a new development for desktop users.

Instagram has now become an indispensable part of our lives. For some of us it is communication, for some it is entertainment, for some it is part of our job.

Instagram, which develops new features every day with innovative ideas, is preparing to implement a highly anticipated feature in the desktop version soon. There will now be a post sharing function on the desktop version, just like on mobile devices.

We Will Now Be Able to Create Posts on the Desktop Version

Instagram, which attaches great importance to the mobile version since the majority of its users connect via mobile devices, has recently begun to show the same interest in the desktop version. As understood from some reports in the foreign press, Instagram will soon activate the ability to edit and share posts for desktop.

The working style of this feature, which is in the testing phase for the desktop version of Instagram, will be almost the same as on mobile. According to the source of the rumors, Instagram users will now be able to drag and drop photos and videos to the desktop. At the same time, tools such as cropping photos, applying filters and tagging location information will also be available thanks to some settings.

The exact date when this innovation, which users who insist on using the desktop version have been waiting for a long time, will be implemented is unknown. The beta version of the feature is in the testing phase and opinions are that this innovation will be implemented within a few months.

If you want to be informed about the developments regarding the Instagram application, you can follow the information prepared by Sahne Media editors., You can also check out the news.

Stage Media

Stage Media

10-06-2021 08:58:01

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