Interesting Research Made by Facebook to Cosmscore

Facebook paid for an interesting study by a company called Comscore and found that some applications embedded in Apple and Google's operating systems gave an advantage over third-party developers. The news prepared for you by the editors of Sahne Medya, your closest companion in many areas such as Web Design, E-Commerce, Social Media Advertisements, SEO and Google Ads (Adwods), is as follows:

According to the research conducted by Facebook itself, 15 of the 20 most used iPhone applications are already owned by Apple. In parallel, 12 of the 20 most used applications on Android are already owned by Google. The question of whether applications embedded in the operating system harm competition is on the agenda of application developers.

Although there are some doubts about the reliability of the research, this research produces interesting results. Apple spokespeople believe the research is seriously flawed, commissioned by Facebook, and aimed at harming competition in the App Store. In the research conducted by asking questions to 4000 participants about the applications they use, we do not know how many of these 4000 people use Android and how many use iPhone. Likewise, it is unknown how many of the participants are from which country.

It should be said that 78 million people use the stock calculator on IOS and this number is more than Gmail on Android. In today's world where application developers and platforms often come face to face on the legal level, reactions to Apple and Google for not allowing fair competition seem to be increasing.

Stage Media

Stage Media

10-07-2021 21:24:45

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