Login to Twitter with Google Account

Twitter, the most prominent social media platform, announced that it will now allow its users to log in to Twitter via their Google accounts. Twitter, one of the popular social media applications, took an important step and announced that it will allow users to log in to the application via a Google account. Here are the details of the news prepared by Sahne Media editors:

While using the internet, we have to log in to many applications during the day and it is almost impossible to remember the passwords of all of them. That's why many applications try to make it easier to use by allowing login via Google or Facebook. Twitter did not yet have such a feature, but in light of the information obtained, the company has already started working to provide this convenience to its users.

Login to Twitter via Google Account

Reverse engineer Jane Wong recently discovered that the Twitter app was taking steps to enable the integration of Google accounts. Wong shared a screenshot with his followers showing that, like many sites and applications, Twitter has added the “Continue with Google” option next to the Sign Up and Login options. With the addition of this button, logging into Twitter will become easier.

However, there is no date estimate yet as to when this button will be added to the platform and become active.

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Stage Media

Stage Media

29-06-2021 09:15:53

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