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Popular music sharing application Spotify introduced Greenroom, a new feature similar to Clubhouse, to its users. Spotify Greenroom, which we can frankly describe as an exact copy of Clubhouse, was released as a separate application. However, Greenroom is not currently available in Turkey.

Clubhouse, the voice chat platform that has made a big impact all over the world since its entry into the digital world, created a huge domino effect and dragged other social media channels along with it. After the sudden popularity of the application, social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter also developed modes with similar functions to Clubhouse. Spotify added a new one to these. Greenroom has not yet been introduced to Spotify users in Turkey.

The Greenroom innovation of Spotify, the world's most popular online music application, will be published as a different application, not within the application, unlike Twitter and Facebook.

Although no statement has been made by the company yet, some rumors suggest that Greenroom will be integrated into Spotify soon.

Greenroom does not have any new features in addition to Clubhouse.

Spotify, the online music and podcast platform, seems eager to improve itself. However, fanatical Spotify users think that it would be a better idea to meet users' expectations for Spotify rather than making an application similar to Clubhouse.

It seems like Spotify users in Turkey will have to wait a while longer to experience Greenroom and see what it offers. Because both the iOS and Android versions of the company application are not currently available in any application stores.

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21-06-2021 06:44:09

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