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The General Directorate of Security provided important information about the safe use of Instagram, one of the popular social media channels.

Instagram application, which is used by large masses in the world and in our country and where photo and video content is shared, also contains some security vulnerabilities and problems. These security vulnerabilities can sometimes put the users of the application in difficult situations.

The Department of Combating Cyber ​​Crimes under the General Directorate of Security has recently launched a study on the attacks and theft of the accounts of many Instagram users, especially influencers, famous names or well-known content producers.

The SIBERAY program, which was implemented to provide guidance to citizens to make their internet use safe, provided some information about the use of Instagram through social media accounts.

The information in question included important recommendations on what you should do to protect your personal data, avoid being exposed to fraud and prevent your account from being stolen.

Steps to Take to Secure Your Instagram Experience

  1. Make sure that the email address to which you link your Instagram accounts has an up-to-date and strong password. It is also very important for your security that the e-mail address you associate with your account uses a two-step verification system.
  2. Avoid connecting your phone to Wi-Fi networks you don't trust. And most importantly, do not open your accounts from devices that do not belong to you (Tablet, Phone, Computer). Do not grant permission to applications that request permission to access your social media accounts unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Although we often set simple passwords to be easy to remember, this is a big mistake. Choose passwords that contain at least eight characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, some special characters and numbers. And of course, do not share your password with anyone.
  4. It is also beneficial to use a two-factor authentication system when logging into your Instagram account.

Warning Against Fake SMS from SİBERAY

We receive many SMS messages from unknown origins on our phones every day. Some of these may be malicious, deceptive and fraudulent SMS messages. Be careful of these SMS messages, which are sometimes used to defraud you or install malicious software on your device, using the names of government institutions and sometimes charities.

Never pay attention to announcements that are not made by authorized institutions.

This is all the warnings of the SIBERAY program for now. As Sahne Medya, we continue to be your solution partner for all your problems in the digital world.

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08-05-2021 09:07:48

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