Which Generation Uses Social Media Most in Turkey?

A study conducted in Turkey revealed that people over the age of 65 spend more time on Facebook, while the youngest generation spends more time on Instagram.

The results of the internet usage research conducted by Areda Piar's Marketing research company on 1,100 people according to generations in Turkey have been announced.

According to the research, 57.6 percent of the baby boomer generation, people over the age of 65, use the internet to follow social media. The social media application most used by people in this group is Facebook with 89.7 percent.

Young people, referred to as Generation Z, use the internet to spend time on social media with a rate of 74.6 percent. The most preferred social media application by Generation Z is Instagram with 79.9 percent.

In the research conducted in the last week of March, users were asked the question 'For what purpose do you use the Internet most?' He gave answers such as following social media, making calls, watching videos, following online TV/newspapers.

One of the most prominent issues in the research was that citizens over the age of 65, referred to as the Baby Boomer generation, use the internet to follow social media. 57.6 percent of those in this generation, born between 1946 and 1964, use the internet to follow social media. This rate was 47.6 percent in Generation X, 44.7 percent in Generation Y, and 45.4 percent in Generation Z. The research revealed that people from different generations exhibit similar behaviors when using the internet.

Generation X is Searching

The rate of people using the internet to search was 39.7 percent in Generation X, 34.3 percent in Generation Z, 32.9 percent in Generation Y and 26.5 percent in baby boomers. 'For what purpose do you use the internet most?' While the Y generation answered the question by watching videos at a rate of 15.7 percent, the baby boomer generation answered by following online TV/newspapers at a rate of 7.8 percent.

Grandfathers Use Facebook, Grandchildren Use Instagram

'Which social media channels do you use?' The baby boomers generation gave the highest answer to the question: Facebook with 89.7 percent. This generation was followed by Generation X with 83.3 percent, Generation Y with 81.7 percent and Generation Z with 72.3 percent.

While Generation Z answered the same question as Instagram at a rate of 79.9 percent, Generation Z answered Twitter at 64.8 percent, TikTok at 22.8 percent, and Snapchat at 13.4 percent. The rate of Generation Y participants who stated that they use Linkedin remained at 4.3 percent.

Going Online to Pass the Time

To the question “For what purpose do you use social media channels most?”, 66.2 percent of Generation Z answered sharing and interaction. To the same question, 38.6 percent of Generation Z answered communication (making new friends/social environments) and 12.5 percent said brand following.

While 56.1 percent of the same Generation Z answered 'entertainment', the rate of those who said “passing time” was 74.6 percent, and the rate of those who said “playing games” was 14.6 percent. To this question, 73.8 percent of Generation Y answered 'agenda following'.

They Buy Content

To the question “Do you purchase mobile/online content for a fee?” in the research, 65.9 percent of Generation Z, 18.4 percent of Generation X, 16.1 percent of Generation Y and 5.1 percent of baby boomers answered 'yes'.

Scale Too Wide

In the research 'Which content do you pay for?' 38 percent of Generation Z answered the question by downloading music, 48.7 percent by playing games, 29.4 percent by watching movies/series online, and 35 percent by downloading movies. 86.6 percent of Generation X and 79.4 percent of baby boomers answered this question in the form of a mobile application.

We Also Do Shopping

To the question “Do you shop online?”, 64.4 percent of Generation Z, 46.5 percent of Generation Y, 49.7 percent of Generation X and 39.4 percent of baby boomers answered “yes”.

When asked “Which category do you shop in most?”, 66.6 percent of Generation Z answered clothing/shoes/accessories, 39.5 percent said entertainment, and 11.4 percent said games. To this question, 45.3 percent of the Y generation answered electronic devices, and 22.6 percent answered mother/baby/child.

We Want Confidence in Shopping

Users also answered the question “Which of the following is/are important elements for you when shopping on websites?” While 89.4 percent of Generation Z answered this question about safe shopping, 56.7 percent said discounts and campaigns, 44.5 percent said delivery speed, 55 percent said website awareness, 40.8 percent said product variety, 16.4 percent said suggestions/recommendations, and 21.1% also stated that promotions and gifts are important. To the same question, 43.3 percent of baby boomer participants highlighted the payment on delivery option.

Generation Z Follows Brands

'Do you follow brands on social networks?' included in the research. 58.8 percent of Generation Z, 38.6 percent of Generation Y, 38 percent of Generation X and 26.6 percent of baby boomers answered 'yes' to the question.

Discounts are Tracked

To the question “What is your reason for following brands on social networks?”, 28.9 percent of Generation Z answered that they intend to continue purchasing the brand, while 45.9 percent answered that they want to be informed about discounts/campaigns/promotions. While Generation Z answers this question with 34.6 percent satisfaction with the brand, 39.9 percent of baby boomers explain their trust in the brand/the honesty of the brand.

We Go to the Arbitration Committee

'Through which channels do you convey your information, requests and complaints about brands?' To the question, 63.6 percent of baby boomers responded to the question of applying to consumer arbitration committees. The answer to the same question from Generation Z was 37.7 percent on forums, 23.6 percent on corporate websites, and 36.1 percent on social networks by tagging brands.

While 33.7 percent of Generation Y answered the same question as complaint sites, the rate of those who answered corporate call centers was 38.3 percent.

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