Youtube Will Show Ads in All Videos

As an experienced agency that has carried out many successful advertising campaigns on YouTube and other social media platforms, Sahne Medya shares with you a new milestone in YouTube advertising. As it is known, YouTube ads are the main method used by both YouTube and content producers to finance themselves. However, these ads only appeared in videos uploaded by channels that were members of the YouTube Partner Program. However, as of June 1, we will start to encounter YouTube ads in the videos of channels that are not members of this program.

Will Creators Be able to Make Money from These Ads?

Previously, YouTube ads were only shown on the videos of creators who could make money on YouTube and were paid in return. So what will happen in this new situation? The fact that ads will be shown on the videos of channels that are not in the Partner Program does not mean that these channels can earn money without meeting certain criteria. In order to make money from these ads, it still has to fulfill some of YouTube's expectations.

In order to participate in the Partner Program, where some popular influencers can become members, it was necessary to have more than a thousand subscribers in the last twelve months and a total viewing time of more than four thousand hours. In return, they could finance their channels by getting paid for the advertising content placed on their videos.

YouTube is constantly testing new features. In 2020, it started testing the application of making money from all videos within the US borders. I guess YouTube executives must think that they have reached the level they expected, and now they are preparing to make it available to users all over the world. In order to earn money, video producers will need to submit their tax returns to the Google Adsense portal, and then this system will come into force.

Stage Media YouTube Ads

YouTube is the biggest invention after television in mass communication that shapes the world. It is a more liberal platform that replaces conventional media and where the wishes of the audience are more important. This medium, where users with specific interests follow their own content, is one of the most ideal channels for advertising. Sahne Media helps you meet your target audience on YouTube and increase your commercial volume with its digital marketing experts, video content editors and copywriters. If you want to grow your business with YouTube ads that will now appear in all videos, meet Sahne Medya YouTube Advertising service.

Stage Media

Stage Media

22-05-2021 13:36:57

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