Another New Feature from Whatsapp; QR Code Era

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, one of the social media applications with the most users in the world, has gained a new feature. The feature, which is active in the Android Beta version of WhatsApp, will make users' lives easier.

According to the news in Android Authority, the profile sharing process can be done in a single step with the QR Code profile sharing feature in the beta version of WhatsApp.

In other words, the new version coded as '2.20.171' means that the QR code feature, which was previously available on the iOS platform, will be available to Android users.

This feature, which is still in the testing phase, allows users to create QR codes in profile posts.

Thus, users have the opportunity to send the QR codes they create to their friends.

Stage Media

Stage Media

01-01-1970 02:00:00

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