IGTV Button Removed from Home Page

When Instagram did not receive the reaction it expected from IGTV, which it launched in 2018, it decided to remove the IGTV button from the home page. IGTV, which was expected to be a brand new video sharing platform with the increasing use of smartphones and the fact that videos are now shot mostly vertically, has not been very successful despite the passage of time.

According to Shiftdelete from TechCrunh; Its biggest rival, TikTok, has achieved 80.5 million downloads in the USA since June 2018, while IGTV has only 1.1 million. Some innovations were deemed necessary for IGTV, which was left behind against its rival. In this regard, IGTV, which started to support horizontal video, also gained a place in Instagram's main application. However, this innovation also led to the use of the application via Instagram.


According to the news announced by TechCrunch, a Facebook official confirmed that the IGTV button on Instagram will be removed. The reason for this was shown to be not using this button at all.

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Stage Media

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