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Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms with over 1 billion users in the world, has removed the activity tab with its new update. With the removal of this feature, users who could see whose photos the people they followed before liked or who they followed were deprived of this information. In other words, with the new update, it will no longer be possible to see what the people being followed are doing. Although the previous situation was a useful feature, with this innovation, Instagram brought another security to personal information.


While it was stated that the update will be released as of next week, it was stated that this feature has already been activated for some users. The users who suffered the most from this situation were the users called stalkers. With this update, it seems that stalking on Instagram will no longer be as much as before.


While Instagram has not yet made an official statement on the subject, comments have been made that the new feature will focus on the hashtag and discover section. Instagram, which has been thinking about the privacy issue for the last year, previously announced that they planned to hide the number of likes and comments and opened it for testing in some countries. Wanting to eliminate the pressure on people for the number of likes, Instagram said that they aimed to make the platform much more personal.

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