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Instagram, one of the most popular social networking sites, has rolled up its sleeves against the increasing number of plastic surgeries, especially among young people, for the sake of looking beautiful.. Instagram decided to remove the filters that encourage plastic surgery and create the perception of a perfect body, thus aiming to prevent the bad effects of these filters on users.

Spark AR Creators, the platform's filter manufacturer, announced that they have decided to remove filters that encourage plastic surgery by creating a perfect body perception, especially among young people. The announcement underlined that no definitive date has been determined for the removal of the filters and that these decisions will be implemented in a short time.

According to information obtained from Sputnik, the decision will mostly affect applications such as Fix Me, Beautiful Face, HolyBucks and Plastica, which are among the most well-known filters.

Instagram, before In order to reduce the pressure on users, it started to hide the number of 'likes' in posts in some countries, including Australia and Japan, for trial purposes.

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