What's New in Instagram's Windows 10 Application

A new era has opened on Instagram for computer users with Windows 10 operating system. Wanting to enable users to communicate with the other party more effectively through the website, Instagram updated its desktop application to turn it into an advanced web application (PWA).

New Feature for Instagram's Windows 10 Application

The new update is a 'native application' produced specifically for Windows. While it was possible to upload photos directly to the computer with the previous native application, this is not possible in the updated version. However, it opens the door to a new feature that will delight users. To the other party with the update direct message The possibility of sending and receiving is provided. It is also stated that the application performs better than before on ARM-based devices such as Surface Pro X.

Instagram Windows 10

Instagram's transformation of the Windows 10 experience into an advanced web application will probably do more good than harm to users. Instagram, which made a detailed update to its desktop application on July 13, 2018, lastly made another update at the end of January and published the first update for the new PWA-based version of the application. This shows that the application will witness much more innovation in the future. It is stated that the application may also support some popular features such as Augmented Reality (AR) camera filters in the future.

Latest version of Instagram desktop application from hereYou can download it.

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