Instagram Continues to Improve Itself

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri became a hot topic with his statement. Stating that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing application, Mosseri shared with the public the new points they will focus on. The details of the news prepared by Sahne Medya are as follows:

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, constantly continues to offer new features for its users and improve itself. And at this point, it seems clear that Instagram has already gone beyond being a photo sharing application.

What did Adam Mosseri, who was recently a Facebook executive but now manages the Instagram application, mean when he said that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing application?

Here are Instagram's Brand New Goals

According to Mosseri's words, the right word to describe Instagram is now: entertainment platform. And soon when we open the Instagram application, we may encounter radical changes.

One of these features will be that we will be able to watch the videos on our home page in full screen. This is an innovation that proves that Instagram's new priority is video content.

Instagram Is Expected to Rival TikTok

Mosseri stated that the idea of ​​abandoning the square format photos and videos that Instagram used in the first years of its broadcasting life was inspiring, and that users now started to see Instagram as a kind of entertainment platform.

Mosseri, who identified their rival as TikTok, also announced that they will add many more new features to replace TikTok in the near future. Recently, they took the first radical step in this regard and launched Reels.

Mosseri shared a video on his Twitter account and announced that many features will be tested and announced to the public in the coming months, and then offered to users.

Mosseri, who sincerely admitted that they are in a very tough competition, admitted that their job was not easy at all, saying, “TikTok is big, YouTube is even bigger, and there are many new platforms.”

However, Mossari said that they will not hold back from the competition and announced that they will create new revenue models for content producers and update their shopping and messaging tools.

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