Photoshop and Filter Ban on Social Media

Social Media takes up more space in our lives every day. In Norway, people who use filters or Photoshop on social media will now have to indicate this with a label. Otherwise, they will be punished according to the law. The details of the news prepared by Sahne Media editors are as follows:

Social media is struggling with the concept of “body shaming”. This situation, which especially young users are exposed to, puts pressure on people as if they have to be beautiful at all times. As such, the internet is flooded with filtered and shopped photos.

Cyberbullying is Everywhere

As it is known, the concept we call body shaming occurs in the form of, for example, people who are overweight being subjected to heavy insults and criticism just for this reason. Vin Diesel was one of the victims of Body Shaming, which is an important part of cyberbullying. As a result, people resort to hiding the filters they use or editing photos to cope with this bullying. The Norwegian Government also decided to put this issue under legal regulation.

Influencers and Brands Are Expected to Be Affected by This

In order to deal with unrealistic beauty standards, the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family recently decided that it is a crime to hide this by using filters and Photoshop in social media posts. The bill they submitted to the parliament became law with 72 votes in favor versus 15 votes against. From this date, people in Norway will have to use a label designed by the ministry when they manipulate their photos. In fact, this law currently binds influencers and brands rather than individual users. Of course, for now.

Fines and Imprisonment are on the Agenda

With this law, the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family is essentially trying to instill in young people that they do not have to be perfect, that this is quite natural. He tries to prevent people from deteriorating their psychology by looking at these edited photographs. Those who violate this newly enacted law will be punished first with a fine and then with imprisonment.

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06-07-2021 11:10:32

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